Thursday, 6 September 2012

REVIEW: Anumal Empire: Lazarball by David Ayres &Darren Jacobs

I received a copy of this book from 1 of the authors, Darren Jacobs, for an honest review.

I really liked this book. It is well written, with characters you can easily relate to. Its a quick and easy read too.
Its really atmospheric and detailed, making it really easy to imagine the characters, scenery and all the action.
The pace of the story is perfect, as it doesn't seem to drag in places and it doesn't feel rushed, compared to some books in this genre.
I really liked Clinton as a character. He fights for what he believes in, cares for his younger brother and I love his interactions with his brother and Arkie.

Overall, I think the book is a great read with a unique story. I would recommend this to fans of The Hunger Games and those with the love of epic adventure novels. And those who like dystopian themes with a twist.

I'm looking forward to the sequel

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