Saturday, 16 July 2011

Wicked Lovely Series

So I'm currently reading The Wicked Lovely books by Melissa Marr. I'm on the last book, Darkest Mercy, and I will hopefully finish it by the end of today, making it the 53rd book I've read this year.
I must admit, when I started book 1, I found it slow and I really couldn't get into it. But I stuck with them hoping it would get better.  And boy was it worth it! The series has been building up to the last book, and the more I read the more I don't want to put my Kindle down.
When I usually read a book, I usually get a fave character/s within a few chapters but, with these books, it took me until books 2 & 4 to find my faves. They are Niall, Irial, Devlin and Ani.
I'm a few chapters into Darkest Mercy, and I'm hoping that by the end, it was worth me sticking with these books

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