Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Rant over posters

Im currently having a major rant on the prices of posters!! Argh they are so expensive and all they are are paper really. My brother will be moving out shortly, so I will have 2 bedrooms, so Im looking for a new poster to go in my new bedroom. Only problem is the price. If the new poster was a Twilight Saga one, I would be willing to pay the price, but seeing as I already have 5 huge Twilight Saga posters and a 3D Eclipse poster, I want something different.
I was thinking of a Stefan Salvatore poster but amazon/amazon sellers want more p&p for the poster than the poster itself.
What I reallllllly want is a Hunger Games movie poster, but amazon wants £10 ($16.37) for the poster plus another £4 ($6.55) for the p&p. Why do they want so much money for paper?!? Its stupid =(

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