Friday, 21 October 2011

Storm Born comics 1 - 3

I was given the chance to read and review volumes 1 - 3 of the Storm Born comics by Gladys from Sea Lion Books. To tell you the truth, I was sooooooo excited I literally squealed lol.

About Storm Born: Eugenie Markham is a freelance shaman, guarding our world from the invasion of Otherworldly creatures. Those who try have "The Dark Swan" to contend with. But Eugenie's about to cross into the Otherworld alone to rescue a girl that nobody else will. Will she make it back across alive?
These comics are based on Storm Born, book 1 in the Dark Swan series by Richelle Mead (author of the Vampire Academy series)

To start off, I fell in love with the artwork just from looking at the covers. The amount of detail that has gone into the images is some of the best I've seen on comics. As I was reading them, I noticed that the stay true to the book and included the more adult scenes but they were done in such a way as to not make it too much of an adult read. The artists (Dave Hamann & Jennyson Rosero) did a very good job with designing the characters too as they we just as I imagined they looked like when I was read Storm Born.
The more you read these comics, the more you don't want to put them down. I love reading comics and graphic novels of books by some of my fave authors and these were definitely no exception. They have been beautifully adapted from the novel and I definitely recommend both the comics and the book.

All in all I would give them ★★★★★. You definitely won't be disappointed 

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